Questions and Answers

What is the Pocket Saver Guide?

It's a booklet of special offers, discounts and deals, compiled by businesses to save customers money. Each page is devoted to a single advertiser, and each advertiser has put together one or more special offers, exclusive to the Pocket Saver Guide, which is detailed at the foot of each page.

Can I use the offers only once?

Some businesses will restrict their offer to one or two uses; others will not. Check the number of boxes at the bottom of each page to see how many times you can use the offer. Please ask a member of staff at the relevant business if you are unsure about their offer.

Do I have to show the Guide to use the offer?

In most cases, yes. Sometimes businesses will honour their offer if you mention having seen it in the Guide, but please take it with you when you want to redeem the offer, as the advertiser may wish to mark the 'offer redeemed' box.

Where can I get additional copies of the Pocket Saver Guide?

Because the Guide is expensive to produce, and since we have a distribution contract with the individual businesses advertising in each edition, we can only supply one Guide per household. Any member of your household can use the Guide, however. Please take care of your copy as we regret we are unable to replace lost or damaged Guides.

Who can advertise in the Pocket Saver Guide?

Almost any retail or service business which primarily serves the area in which the Guide is distributed. We restrict the number of advertisers in some categories (such as health and beauty, restaurants, home services etc.) to avoid undue competition between advertisers and to make the Guide as valuable as possible to those who receive it. If you are interested in advertising, please see our Information for Advertisers or call Jodi Cook on 01457 778788 for an information pack by post.

Is the Guide environmentally sound?

Yes. It is printed on paper approved by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which is sourced from European forests where more trees are planted than are felled. Only vegetable oil based inks are used and our printing plant holds ISO 14001 certification for environmental controls.

I have some more questions...

Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01457 778404 or by sending an email to and we’ll be glad to help. (If your question relates to an existing booking and the deadline date is less than a week away, please telephone us rather than sending an email to ensure we have enough time to deal with your query fully).